Sunday, December 8, 2013

Local Girls by Alice Hoffman

What an enchanting story!

Two of my students did a report on this book, and I had to read it.....

This story is about friendship, and following one's path, and compassion, and not so perfect families, and hope, and childhood joy and pain, and lost and..... so much more.

This story centers around a girl named Gretel and her lifelong friend, Jill. Both girls have a lot going on in their families, but their friendship is what helps them to make it through the tough times. Alice shows us, through this story, that women friendships are necessary and priceless. She also shows that our lives can take different directions, and we can continue to be in a friendships with our girlfriends if we could only accept that everyone has the right to live her life anyway that he she wants to.

In this novel, Alice's writing is simple and enchanting. She switches from 1st to 3rd person point of view and this was very effective for this story. It was great to see this story from the eyes of someone who was not in the story, but it was also great to get first hand accounts as well.

This is a fairly simple read, but it is quite rich!!!

If you want a book with some very deep messages, but written in a light-hearted fashion, try this book!

Right now in the DC area it is lightly snowing, and I am about to curl up on my sofa with a book that was recommended by my sister Dot: The Good Lord Bird by James McBride. I am hoping that school will be closed tomorrow so that I can spend the day reading and relaxing.

Happy Sunday, My People, and GET TO READING!!!!!

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