Sunday, September 22, 2013

If You Love Books and Authors....

then you may want to consider making it your business to attend the annual National Book Festival in DC!

The National Book Festival is always held in September on the National Mall. Upon arriving on the mall, there are sooooo many tents. Under the tents, there are authors talking about books, there are children coloring and talking about books, there are books that are for sale, and there are LOTS of authors signing their books... This wonderful festival is all about books and authors.

My love for books and authors is strong, and every time that I attend this festival, I can't contain my joy... I run, and laugh, and talk. Today, my coworker and friend, Rosa, who loves books and authors as much as I do, and I had a complete ball. We patiently waited in an extremely long line to get our books signed by none other than Khaled Hosseini, the author of The Kite Runner. Then we hurried along to another tent to hear Hosseini talk about his books and his life... Oh how fascinating.

Of course while Rosa held our place in the autograph line, I scurried around to get autographs from other authors and to take as many picture as I could....

Joyce Carol Oates
Khalid Hosseini
William P. Jones
Juan Felipe Herrera
Alfredo Corchado

As I was walking to my car feeling completely happy and satisfied, I heard music, and I had to follow it RIGHT? Well, on Pennsylvania Avenue, a huge festival was going on to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, and you know that I had to partake....

I LOVE where I live!!

Ok, back to the Book Festival.....

It is like the Grammy's or the Oscar's...All of the major writers are in attendance.

If you love books and authors, then you must put The National Book Festival on your calender!

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Tracy Ricks said...

Awesome!! Sound like fun!!

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