Monday, December 31, 2012

It Was All A Dream!

Smiling because I'm still here!

There is a song called "Juicy" by the Notorious B.I.G. that says It Was All A Dream, and these words basically sum up how I feel about the year 2012. It was so good until I must remind myself that it was not a dream but FAVOR from God. (I am highly favored!)

Notorious B.I.G.

Here are my top five things that made 2012 soooooo good. They are not in any particular order, but here they are:

1. Class with the honorable Iyanla Vanzant. I started last year by taking a life coaching class. This class helped me to define the reason why I am on this earth, to make sure that my intentions are correct, to boldly state what I want for my life etc. From taking this class, my life went to a new level of consciousness.

Iyanla Vazant

2. My fitness level: Of course you know that I could not talk about 2012 without talking about my fitness level. I did some serious butt kicking workouts in 2012, and I never, ever made excuses to not workout. I planned my entire weeks around my workouts. I am much stronger than I was last year, and my endurance is awesome. My gym workouts helped with both my running and biking, and they have both gone places where I could not have ever imagined. I ran and finished three half marathons and ran several shorter races in 2012, and I completed my first century, 100 mile, bike ride this year. Oh, what we can do when we are consistent!

3. The re-election of President Barack Obama. I can admit now that during the campaign season, I was confident that he would win, but I sure was nervous. It got to the point where I would not talk about it, and I tried to watch the news as less as possible. But, when I woke up on that Wednesday morning, and President Obama was still my President, I breathed a sigh of relief. I know that God has the whole world in his hand but..................

President Barack Obama

4. Summer 2012! It was good. I met so many great people through my running and biking groups. I had lots of time to read, relax, hang out, and do summer trips that included New Orleans, West Virginia to bike and to do some white water rafting, Chicago and Virginia Beach to do half marathons, and many local field trips in my favorite US city: DC.

New Orleans
Biking with friends
Chicago half marathon!

5. Last but not least: The One Year Bible. I have read the bible almost everyday for the last two years, and it really helped to strengthen my spiritual life. I would read the word, and sometimes I would be in complete amazement at how wonderful it really is. If you do anything over and over, it becomes a habit, and reading something for my spirit almost everyday is a habit now. I've decided to give the One Year Bible a break in 2013, but rest assured that I will read something almost daily that feeds my spirit.

I have listed my top five things that made 2012 seem like a dream, but there are so many more things that happened that I am extremely grateful for.

At noon today, I went to church for one of our Watch Night services, and Pastor Wesley stated that when God becomes a priority, everything else lines up, and I could not agree with him more. With everything that I do such as taking care of my body, teaching, interacting with others, writing etc, I keep in mind that I do these things to honor God and the gifts that he has given me, and this always helps me to perform to my top potential.  

I have high expectations for 2013 in every area of my life. Knowing my God, he is going to reward me according to my faith, and my faith is strong.

All of my readers, next is coming, and it is always better. So, we better get ready.

Let's make 2013 our best year ever!!!!!!

Happy New Year!

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