Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Change

This is my last Thankful Thursday blog. While I have totally enjoyed Thankful Thursdays, school is starting back next week, and yes, I will still have time to workout, hangout, read, write, but I also must add reading and planning for school into my daily routine. So, I can not guarantee that I will be able to write and post a blog every Thursday. But, rest assured, throughout the school year, I will continue to blog, because I make sure that I do the things that I love to do often.

With the start of school approaching, I must say that I have enjoyed doing whatever I have wanted to do, whenever I have wanted to do it. But, I must also say that I am ready for the change that is coming my way. I look forward to being back on a routine, seeing coworkers, teaching children etc.

When school starts and ends, I always remind myself that the state that I am in will not last, and this helps me to keep my sanity. (I need change.) Next week, many of my coworkers will say that they were not ready for school to start back, but I go into summer savoring every moment, because I know that summer will not last always. (Hallelujah!)

I am so Thankful for Change!!!

I am happy that styles change, people change, seasons change, I am changing, because I think it would be almost unbearable if things stayed the same. Change is what keeps us on our toes.

Since I started teaching, there has been so many changes in the way that we teach children, and I am happy about it. Today, we spend much more time thinking and developing ways to reach all children, infusing technology into the classroom, mainstreaming and doing so much more innovative teaching until it is completely mind blowing. If I was still teaching the same way that I did fifteen years ago, I think that I just might go crazy doing the same thing, the same way, for fifteen years.

Knowing that everything changes, I have learned to really enjoy "the right now," because "right now" will not be around very long. I have enjoyed every MORNING bike ride, dentist appointment, workouts with the greatest trainer in the world, grocery store trips, writing, because I knew that this situation will only last for awhile..... and it's on to the next, and I always expect "next" to be even better than "now".

I know people who resist change, and they are fighting an uphill battle. Change is inevitable. But, not only is it inevitable, it is good. It's all in the way that you look at things.

Today, as I sit on my balcony, in the middle of the day, I am so Thankful for Change.

Next week, I can guarantee you that my life will look quite differently, but I am soooo ready.........A Change is Coming.........

Happy Thankful Thursday!!!

I will leave you with Sam Cooke singing "A Change is Gonna Come:" One of my all time favorite songs.....


Tracy Ricks said...

I TOTALLY agree change is good and it's working FOR me!!!! I ALSO LOVE that picture!! While readying this blog I thought about our daddy who was Very instrumental in me having an open mind for change. Upon completion of this blog I thought about my 2cd dad and spiritual father Bishop Ricks who also stood strong for change and that was one of his favorite songs. Today I am thankful for both of them! I am also thankful for my mothers, family, church family, and Just for God being God!! Great blog and thanks for sharing!!! I am also looking forward to a GREAT school year!! God bless you my sister!

Jacqueline Stallworth said...

Tracy, thanks for that heart felt comment.

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