Sunday, July 29, 2012

Honor Your Body!

(This post will contain a lot of random thoughts. I am going to try and connect them all. Follow if you feel like it......)

Australian swimmer Kenrick Monk, and the U.S.A.'s Ryan Lochte Credit: Getty Images

So, let's start with: I LOVE THE OLYMPICS. The Olympics is such a display of determination, perseverance, dedication, commitment, sportsmanship, comradeship and the list goes on and on. Some of the most physically fit people in the world get together, during The Olympics, to display their hard work! Yesterday, Saturday, I stayed at home all day and watched Olympic swimming, gymnastics, beach volleyball, and this morning after church I watch the women cyclist. The Olympic athletes never cease to amaze me. I watch as much of the Olympics as I possible can, because I want to honor and respect all of the hard work and dedication of the athletes, but I also watch to hear all of the incredible stories about the different athletes. 

The most amazing story so far has been about an Irish Olympian name Keiran Behan who was told, by doctors, that he would be wheelchair bound for the rest of his life after an operation went wrong, but instead, he is participating in the Olympics. Now, how amazing is our God? Right now, I am thinking about this gospel song that states "Whose report should we believe? We shall believe the report of the Lord. His report says 'I am healed'....."

Keiran Behan

Today, on a 41 mile bike ride, we passed a church and the sign in front of the church stated: Honor Your Body; It's where God Resides. For some reason this really made me think about my body, the Olympians, all people and honoring God with our bodies. Do we want God to be in a body that we are destroying by not working out, eating fast food, drinking soda etc.? God wants our very best, and I was thinking, "What if everyone would train to their top potential everyday and eat foods that come from the earth 95% of the time?" I really think that God might "Sit down by the rivers of Babylon and weep" just thinking about his people taking good care of one of the best gifts that he has given them: "their bodies."

Then I started to think about people who were born perfect, but with bad hearts, missing limbs etc. I bet many of them would do anything to hike, swim, jump, tumble and do all of the other things that many of us, who were born in perfect health, take for granted. 

I was working out with Berhane, the greatest trainer in the world, and we were watching CNN and there was a guy who wanted to do euthanasia. He was wheelchair bound and could do very little for himself. Berhane became angry and state something like "I get so mad with people not wanting to workout and this man wanting to die because he can't workout"..... I didn't have much to say, but this did make me ponder.

I will never be an Olympic athlete for no other reason besides the fact that I am toooo damn old, but I will always train to my top ability. I love extreme workouts. I love the workouts when I am not sure that I am going to finish, but I do. I love bike rides that challenge me, runs that make me sweat, and gym workouts that bring me almost to tears. 

Now, everyone is not crazy like me and just love extreme workouts.... I know that I have issues, but.....

For the next few weeks, I will be watching The Olympics and admiring some of the strongest people in the world........Long live The Olympics!

Thanks for reading this random post.

Happy Sunday!!!!!!!!

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