Wednesday, December 21, 2011

How quickly We Forget!!!

Do you remember me writing in another post that "Summers Make it So Worth It," and I was writing about teaching.

Well, now it's almost time for our Christmas Break, and I can barely remember the feeling that I felt when I wrote that post. In that post, I was excited that school was ending, and I was thinking about embarking upon a summer with a lot of unstructured time; I was feeling light and happy.

Now, let's go back to today. I am really enjoying this school year. I have read several novels, short stories, and poems with my students. I have done Socratic seminars, read lots of essays, thesis statements, homework, etc, and I must say that I am ready for a break. We're almost half way through the school year, and I can not remember what it felt like to do whatever I wanted to do, whenever I wanted to do it.

Glorious Summer!

I love being a teacher, but I must admit that it is ALL consuming. Yea, I get off at 1:30 every other day, and I have long breaks during the day, but when I am on; I am on.

On any given day I answer lots of emails, grade tons of papers, decide who should go to the bathroom, give lunch detentions, counsel, make decisions about grades, seating assignments, what to copy, how to convey a new concept etc. I do all of these things with grace and ease, but darn, I really do need a mental break.

Next week, I am going to Atlanta to visit my mom, and I am going to really try not to think about school, even though when we get back it will be almost time for second quarter exams, and I will be extremely busy getting students to remember what we did before the break. But, over the break, I am going to workout, read, spend time with people whom I value, and do WHATEVER, and I mean whatever I want to do. What I am looking forward to the most are naps during the day.

I think that the mind is designed to move on and focus on the right now, because the feelings that I get in the summers can not be conjured right now.....

Just thinking............How quickly we forget!

However, look at what showed up in my room when I needed it the most to remind me of how great RIGHT NOW is:

Students dressed as Santa and Elves!

What a Great Reminder!!!!!!!

Enjoy your holidays.

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