Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"The Power of Now" in action

In another one of my post titled The Third Jesus, I mentioned a book by Eckhart Tolle titled The Power of Now. In this book, Tolle talks about being present wherever you are. For some people this concept is foreign, so let me show you what it looks like.

The Bay!

One of my best friends, Deitrea Martir, met me in San Francisco for a short vacation. We really didn't have a plan; we were going to see what happened.

The first afternoon, we went to a roof top and had lunch. We really didn't talk much about the lunch, the restaurant etc. We mainly just sat there for about an hour or two and were present in that moment. We were on vacation, there was no where that we really needed to be, so we just sat there and savored the moments.

During the stay, we had an impromptu dinner with an old college friend, biked the Golden Gate Bridge, shopped, and sometimes we just sat. I don't know about Deitrea, but I felt present in every moment and did not feel the need to label everything as good or bad; it just was.

Here are someone of the images that we noticed and appreciated on our biking excursions:

This big hill that we biked! I thought we would never reach the top!

That big hill behind us made our bodies notice it.

Cathedral of Art

The Golden Gate Bridge

The Bay

The boat that took us back to the starting point. We were going to bike back,
but we thought,
"What the heck?" lets boat back.

To get to the place where you can be in the Now is a process, and it does not happen overnight. But, if you practice being where you are, it becomes a habit, and we all know that habits are hard to break.

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Tracy Ricks said...

AWESOME!!! I am learning how to make being in THE NOW, a habit. Thanks for sharing. This blog really blessed me!

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